Ananda Creation PCL is redefining urban living in Bangkok

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ananda Creation PCL is redefining urban living in Bangkok by building world-class properties near Bangkok's mass transit stations, the business said in a press release issued on Thursday.

The company now has a portfolio of 60 residential projects in Bangkok, which are typically just 76 metres from the nearest mass transport station. These furnish regional residents, expats and potential overseas buyers with a choice of 44,200 fashionable, state-of-the-art condo units in every corner of the city, from primary downtown districts to interesting up-and-coming suburbs. With five distinctive condo styles - Ashton, Ideo Q, Ideo Mobi, Ideo and Elio - Ananda's assignments promise "Urban Living Solutions" to young professionals who appreciate convenience and accessibility above all else.

Concentrating on mass transit stations, Ananda also topped the ranks for units sold generally in Bangkok in 2018. The business can be generating additional revenue stations by expanding the business enterprise into other areas, including serviced flats.  Ananda formed a partnership with The Ascott Ltd, the number one luxury serviced residence company and is in the process of developing five serviced flat projects, namely Somerset Rama 9,   lYF Sukhumvit 8 and the latest project at Central Pattaya Seashore. 3 Million residents and hundreds of thousands of tourists with urban transportation networks now catering to a lot more than 800,000 passengers each day, with 126km overall with 90 stations. 

A further 340km and 196 stations are in the pipeline,  which will result in a longer network compared to the London Underground or New York Subway.

In 2018 alone, the company reported record overseas transfers of Bt6. A rise of 300 % in 2017. Furthermore, the two companies entered into their first four serviced flat assignments,  

The companies now have 30 projects worth Bt128 billion - the largest number of developments in Thailand. That is expected to grow even more to Bt157.   

Connectivity is at the heart of the regeneration, allowing residents and visitors to travel this exciting city efficiently. "At Ananda Development, our diverse assortment of condo jobs is making this dream of modern city life possible for thousands of people. Due to its vibrant street lifestyle, it is attracting a lot more than 20 million worldwide visitors per year, Notorious visitors congestion, which previously made exploring around Bangkok a gradual and difficult method, it is now becoming a lot more livable and lovable, increasing its profile among Thai and overseas urbanites. In the years forward,  this enhances work and play in this vibrant Asian metropolis.