Property Management

Baan Hunt Property Management  

Representing our clients full time, with complete tenant & property management such as rent collection, and continued support

Our dedicated management staff will work on your behalf in all aspects of tenant management including regular rent collection, and bill payments 

We will also provide round the clock general support in all matters having to do with managing your property in a prompt, organized fashion in order to provide you with complete peace of mind. 

We are committed to transparency, rapidly responding to any complaint or problem and completing day-to-day operations. We guarantee the finest quality of services that meet your satisfaction. 


Experienced and respectful management staff to help advise and provide suggestions to tenant or landlord on how to resolve issues. 

With years of property management experience, our team is here to provide you with advice and guidance in all aspects regarding your investments.  

We will also act in a mediatory way to help resolve any issues that might arise between landlord and tenant. 


Working in coordination with repairmen, contractors and technicians in the event of maintenance issues 

We have our own, in-house maintenance staff made up of skilled tradespeople from plumbers, to electricians, contractors and repairmen available at all times, should any situation arise that might need attending to.  

We provide all types of repairs & maintenance services, and no work will be done unless pre-approved by the landlord. 


Coordinating repair, replacement or removal of appliances and furniture with landlords approval 

No repairs, replacements or removals will be done without pre-approval from our landlords 

In the case of purchase orders, from tenants or tradespeople, we will coordinate the details with the landlord via our website, phone, or email. 


Complete check-in and check-out service, and management otenants 

Our team is here to manage the tenants and protect your property while coordinating all the details that come with quick turnarounds 

We provide full check-in and check-out services to all tenants, at any length of stay, and include lease signing and termination, as well as dealing with eviction, at the request of landlord. 


Regular tenant compliance/comfort management  

Our team is here to make sure that your investment is secure and profitable. We will stay on top of all rental fees, make sure your physical property is taken care of, and deal with any outstanding/late payments, to ensure that all payments are accounted for in a timely manner.  

We will also, at the request of our landlords, take care of evictions, and all warnings/reprimands on behalf of our landlords 

As your representative, it will also be our job to make sure your tenants are comfortable, and taken care of, should any situation arise. We will always provide prompt, polite and professional service to your tenants, and see to all their concerns with the full extent of our agency. 


Energy and utilities management 

Our team will make sure that all bills are paid on time, while also providing our clients with up to date expertise regarding utilities management and energy saving options. 


Financial management of property, including preparing renovation budgets for clients, pre-purchase viewing and inspection of furniture, fixtures and electronic appliances 

We will work for you, in conjunction with contractors and tradespeople to put together a budget that fits your parameters in the event of a renovation or large-scale repair/replacement. We will inspect and report back to you regarding the condition, price and value of all furniture, fixtures and electronic appliances before your approval of any purchase. 


Building condition and possible dilapidation reporting to landlords and juristic offices respectively 

One of our duties is to make sure that your investment appreciates in value by addressing any maintenance and/or upkeep that the building’s juristic office is responsible for.  

Our team provides on-going support on behalf of our landlords regarding administration building services and maintenance protocol. You will be kept informed regarding any changes that we see necessary to the management of the building as we will keep open lines of dialog between landlords and juristic office.  

We will also represent you as your proxy at any strata council meetings, at your request. 


Dedicated staff, providing 24-hour services and repair reporting, seven days a week 

Our staff are always on call, be it our management team, cleaning staff, or our tradespeople to assist you and your tenants in every way we can.  


Coordinating new leases, lease renewals and lease terminations, mutual or otherwise 

We will give you prior notice of lease termination, giving us plenty of time to coordinate a lease extension, or new lease, at your discretion.  


Providing landlords and tenants with cleaning services, with our full trained maid services 

We have a cleaning and maid service on standby that are available to your tenants, should they require it. We will also ensure that your property is professionally cleaned and serviced in between tenants and during viewing periods.