Baan Hunt Welcomes Owners and Agents

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Baan Hunt Welcomes Owners and Agents  

With the recent launch of this new website by Baan Hunt Real Estate, positive reviews are being received. Baan Hunt is focused on properties in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces. They have nearly 5,000 listings already, and the number is growing daily. In addition, they have added over 2,700 condo and housing projects. This solid foundation makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. It also makes it easier to add new listings, as all of the project details are already there including map location, proximity to BTS and MRT stations as well as communal facilities.  


Easy to Use 

The first step is to register. It is easy and fast. Your application will be promptly reviewed, and after approval, you can get started. You can add almost any type of property, including condos, houses, land and commercial. Adding a property is a simple process, yet all the relevant information is easily input with several checkboxes and dropdowns. You can specify the type of ownership, furnishings and view.  If your property is part of a project, select the project name and that information will automatically be included in your listing. You can also specify other key unit features. Specify if your property is for sale or rent or both and indicate the price. You can upload photos to your listing to enhance its presentation, and preview what it will look like when it goes live.  


Benefits for You 

The most obvious benefit is putting your property or properties to more potential customers. The powerful search facilities on the Baan Hunt website direct visitors to the properties that best match their requirements. There is an additional benefit if your property is part of a project. You can quickly and easily see what other properties are being offered in that project and at what price. Knowing about competitive listings may help you make decisions concerning pricing, staging and deciding what photos to use to help make your listing stand out.  


Get Started  

Baan Hunt is committed to becoming the “go to” real estate portal for the property market in and around Bangkok. If you want to sell or rent your properties, then it is definitely worth listing them on their website. To register, just click here and get started today.